Saturday, October 21, 2006 At Home

Last day at work

Isla and her colleagues dare anyone to take their table.
Leaving do #1 [Enlarge]
  Glenn and his colleagues.
Leaving do #2 [Enlarge]

The next stage of our life change is finally here. We are now voluntarily unemployed.

Since we told our colleagues of our plans they have been amazingly supportive and enthusiastic… Hopefully it's not just that they are glad to get rid of us!

For both of us it's been a long wait since deciding to sell most of what we own and go on a round the world trip. Having made up our minds, we just wanted to get on with it. But that didn't make it any easier to leave when the day actually came.

Isla's last day was Thursday and Glenn finished on Friday. All week we have both been experiencing a strange mix of emotions. At the same time we are happy, excited, sad and anxious.

To our colleagues and friends: thanks guys. You know who you are.