Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our Route Map

The dynamically delicious map below comes courtesy of Trippermap. It automatically updates throughout our round the world trip to show our photos from along the way.

However it doesn't show the exact route we took between photos and it's sometimes a bit complicated when we visit somewhere for a second time, so check out our individual blog posts for exact route maps.

If you can't see the Trippermap below you may need to download the Flash plugin, and/or enable Javascript in your browser.

Navigate the map by dragging to move the map around, double-clicking to zoom in and holding down the space bar to select an area.

On the Photos page, clicking a location or a photo thumbnail will enlarge that photo, zoom the map and show you photos taken within 100 km of that location. If you then click on the enlarged photo you can jump to our Flickr photostream to view the full-sized version (you may need to enable popups within your browser).

The Trips page lets you view a slideshow of all the photos from our trip and see where they were taken.

The Google Earth page lets you view all the photos on the ever-amazing Google Earth 3D virtual globe.

You can probably figure out what the Help and About pages do.


Anonymous said...

Great site - super photos!!
Good luck with the next section and be careful!!
Have a super Christmas and all the best for 2007!
All love
Kay and John Tunnicliff and the girls

Anonymous said...


I stumbled accross your URL on Youtube.com when searching for footage of the mass games. Amazing footage thank you. You site is also excellent. Very informative.

Can you give me any infomration on how you arranged to get tickets for the mass games?

P.s I live in Osaka Japan, if you guys make it here let me know and I will take you to some of the marvels of Japan.


Glenn Livett said...

Hi, sorry for not replying sooner - blogger's email notifications have been broken for us and we've only just noticed your comment.
The only easy way to get to see the mass games is to be in the DPRK on a tour when they are on. Then you will definitely see them, because all visitors do (the DPRK wants the hard currency). The cheapest seats are 50 Euros, payable to your guide on the day in cash. You can pay in Euro, US Dollar or Chinese Yuan. Go for the cheapest seats because they are right next to the expensive ones and still give you a perfect view.
We used Koryo Tours and were generally very happy with them. There are other companies listed in the Korea Lonely Planet.
Good luck!

Unknown said...


Found your site as doing some research on a trip i am planning. Your site was a great help, has given me a good feel for China and what to expect.


Glenn Livett said...

Hi Hazel, glad you found the blog useful. Have a great time in China.