Wednesday, November 22, 2006 At Home

All our stuff

Apart from what we will be wearing, this is everything we're taking on our trip. [IMG_0233]
All our stuff [Enlarge]

We decided to do a trial pack today, now that we have bought everything. This is all we are taking, apart from the clothes we will be wearing. It's scarily little, but great when you find that the bags are actually light enough to lift.

We are taking: Malarone antimalarials, Ciprofloxacine antibiotic, 50% DEET insect repellant, Hand cleanser, Sunblock, Gorillapod, Isla's underwear, Isla's silk sleeping bag liner, First aid kit, Glenn's T-shirt, Isla's T-shirt, Glenn's silk sleeping bag liner, 2 silk money belts, Glenn's underwear, Hair clippers, Soap in soap dish, Dental kit, Passports (including old passports), Washbag (standard contents, not shown), Sterile needles kit, Passport photos for visas, Spare high-capacity AA rechargable batteries, Ear plugs, Iodine, Chlorine tablets, Travel towel, Vaccination books, Thread, Sewing needles, GPS, Elephant tape, Bath plug, Wind-up phone charger and torch, Phone, AA battery charger, Another travel towel, Inflatable globe, Playing cards, Velcro, Penknife, USB keys, Combination wire lock, Notepads and pens, Zip-lock bags, Spare glasses, Sunglasses, Carabiners, Torch, Comb, Universal phrase book, Washing line, 1GB memory cards, USB card reader, Carbon monoxide detector, Sun hats.