Saturday, November 25, 2006 United Kingdom United Kingdom

On the road at last

A typical November day at the meridian line at Greenwich. [IMG_0234]
Starting line [Enlarge]

Intermittent drizzle, torrential showers and strong winds. The UK in November. It's a good job we're leaving the country.

Our journey officially began at 10:41 GMT today at Greenwich, East London, standing on the meridian line at the Greenwich Royal Observatory. The observatory is completely shrouded in scaffolding at the moment, so maybe we will see it when we return.

From Greenwich we got a lift with Isla's parents down to Dover, because we wanted a photo of the famous white cliffs as we left on the ferry (we are already stocking up on cheesy clichés!). We stopped at "Fab's Diner" on the A2, where Glenn lamented that he was having his last Full English All-Day Breakfast for a while. We'll see.

We were locked out of our guest house in Dover for a couple of hours because we had arrived early, so we spent the time watching the Christmas lights being turned on, and stocking up on a few final supplies. The day finished with a toast to the start of our trip: a glass of the disgusting but prudent Dukoral cholera vaccine (mmmm, raspberry flavour). Thankfully this was our second and final dose.

Tomorrow the ferry to Calais and onward to Brussels by coach.

Map of Day 001

Day 001
London to Dover

This map shows the route we took in this post. Click it to see larger maps of our whole route at flickr.

Maps are taken from the CIA World Factbook.